The Best Way to Balance Hormones With Only 5 Herbs

Ladies of all ages can have a hormonal imbalance, particularly these of their forties and fifties. Signs starting from horrible PMS to infertility are often attributable to an endocrine dysfunction.

As a substitute of beginning a traditional hormone remedy which comes with quite a few unwanted side effects, right here’s the easiest way to steadiness hormones utilizing nothing however herbs.

These 5 herbs are a superb method to take management over your imbalanced hormones, thus restore your optimum health.

In addition to treating your hormonal imbalance, the next widespread herbs may also stop hormone dysfunction.

1. Maca Root

Ancient Peruvian people have long used this herb for treating hormonal imbalance, infertility, low libido, and endurance. Maca root belongs to the group of adaptogenic herbs which can adapt to anyone’s body and restore the optimal hormonal balance.

In other words, if a person’s body produces too much of a hormone, the herb will reduce its production, thus normalizing the hormone balance in the body. The same thing happens when there’s an insufficient production of a hormone.

In such circumstance, Maca will increase the hormone production, and the hormones will return to balance. Therefore, you can see Maca as a natural hormone regulator which can not only treat but also prevent hormonal imbalance.

This incredible herb nourishes and stimulates the hypothalamus and pituitary glands of the endocrine system. These so-called “master glands” are controlling the regulation of all other hormone-producing glands. So, by balancing the master glands, you are also restoring the function of all other endocrine glands.

Even though Maca provides immense health benefits for women, it is also great for men. It can raise their libido and endurance, hence the name “natural Viagra.” What’s more, it can also help improve the motility, quality, and volume of sperm.

2. Red Raspberry Leaf

You can make a wonderful tea from the nutrient rich-red raspberry leaves and use it to treat your uterine problems. This herb contains abundant amounts of vitamin C and many other vitamins and minerals.

Besides acting as a natural uterine tonic, red raspberry leaves can also improve male and female fertility, prevent hemorrhage and miscarriage, and help reduce painful menstrual cramps and heavy periods. Moreover, it can relieve nausea related to pregnancy, stimulate the production of milk, and ease pain during and after labor.

3. Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry)

Vitex has long been used in the natural treatment of hormonal imbalance. What’s more, it’s used for treating infertility, endometriosis, menopausal symptoms, and preventing miscarriage in the first trimester. Vitex has also helped initiate a period in those with inconsistent periods.

The way this herb works is regulating one of the “master glands” in your body, called pituitary gland. Since this gland controls the hormone production of other glands in the body, it means Vitex is also affecting the function of all endocrine glands. In other words, controlling the work of pituitary gland means having control over all other hormone-producing glands.

4. Milk Thistle

Not only that Milk Thistle is excellent for treating hormonal imbalance, but it’s also useful in the treatment of numerous other health problems. As a matter of fact, this herb is one of the best liver cleansing herbs on the Planet. This is important as liver plays a crucial role in the hormonal balance. You can have a lack of progesterone or an excess of estrogen due to an improper elimination of estrogen through this organ.

Your body won’t be able to remove the excess estrogen if you have a congested and stagnant liver. Also, this organ is responsible for processing the hormone mimicking chemicals, fungus, heavy metals, and other toxins in your body which can cause or worsen your hormonal imbalance.

5. Oat Straw

Besides balancing your hormone-producing glands, oat straw can also soothe your stomach, improve mood, digestion, and blood, calm your central nervous system, strengthen your nerves, balance your hormones, and support the skeletal system thanks to its high levels of bio-available magnesium, calcium, and silica.

Furthermore, oat straw can improve your skin, hair, nails, heart health, reduce cholesterol and act as a natural diuretic. You can either take it on its own or combine it with other herbs.