The Best Strategies to Help Burn the Stubborn Belly Fat!

To lose these additional kilos and that cussed stomach fats, it’s worthwhile to do extra than simply exercising.

Actually, your weight loss program performs an important function within the means of weight reduction and upkeep.

These with extra physique weight and insulin resistance ought to schedule consuming their meals at a selected time of the day.

Moreover correct weight loss program adopted by a correct train, you also needs to sleep sufficient in addition to handle and scale back stress. When the degrees of the stress hormone referred to as cortisol enhance, it depletes lean muscle and attaches to the fats within the abdomen space.

You will need to perceive that having an optimum weight and decreasing the stomach fats is not only good to your bodily look, but additionally to your general well being and health.

The visceral fat – abdominal fat that accumulates around the internal organs releases hormones and proteins which can cause inflammation.

This can lead to artery damage and entry to the liver. Once here, the hormones and proteins from the visceral fat will interfere with the way your body breaks down fats and sugars.

This type of inflammation can cause various systemic diseases associated with metabolic syndrome.

2 Dietary Factors for Burning Abdominal Fat

If you like to burn your stomach fat, first you’ll have to lose some body fat. In other words, targeting just one body part for fat burning is simply impossible. To succeed in this, you’ll have to pay closer attention to your diet. Consuming improper foods and drinks promotes fat buildup and makes your body hold on to the extra fat.

Here are the three main keys regarding your diet that will help you lose weight:

1. Avoid or Reduce Sugar

The first dietary key to burning stomach fat is eliminating or reducing all forms of sugar and fructose.  This doesn’t refer to the refined sugar only, but also to the “natural” forms like honey or agave.

In addition, you’ll have to eliminate all grains, even the organic ones, since they are quickly converted into sugars in your body.

So far, the worst type of sugar is the high fructose syrup as it causes metabolic dysfunction. The human’s body metabolizes this and other forms of processed fructose in the same way as alcohol. This means increased fat accumulation and insulin resistance, incomparably higher than other forms of sugar.

Since processed fructose is found in numerous sweetened beverages and processed foods under more than 60 names, the best way to avoid it is to stop eating processed foods altogether. Instead, change them with organic, whole foods.

If you have excess stomach fat and insulin resistance, make sure your daily intake of sugar/fructose is less than 15 grams. On the other hand, those with normal weight and no signs of insulin resistance should consume not more than 25 grams per day.

2. Eat More Healthy Fats

You might be surprised, but when you want to lose some weight, you should not follow a low-fat diet. Instead, you should consume plenty of healthy saturated fats.

If you’re insulin resistant, your daily calories should consist of 50-85% healthy fats.

Great sources of healthy fats include raw dairy, butter produced from raw grass-fed organic milk, coconut oil and coconuts, organic pastured egg yolks, raw nuts, unheated organic nut oils, animal-based omega 3 fatty acids, avocados, and grass-fed meats.

Researchers discovered that MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) in olive oil, nuts, and avocados could speed up the abdominal fat burning process.

3. Intermittent Fasting

This is the third dietary factor when it comes to burning abdominal (and overall) fat. This type of diet forces your body to use fat as opposed to sugar as its primary fuel.

Foods Which Can Help You Burn Stomach Fat

The author of “Zero Belly Diet” David Zinczenko recommends several foods which can help reduce inflammation, bloating, and turn off the genes responsible for fat storage. This, in turn, can help you get a leaner belly. As he explains, the results from his Zero Belly program were astonishing.

Apparently, in a period of only six weeks, the average person managed to lose 4 inches around their waist. This program is based on nutritional genetics. In other words, it turns your fat genes off, making the weight loss process natural. This diet doesn’t have deprivation or calorie counting.

Here’s how it works:

1. The Zero Belly program cuts down on excess salt, artificial sweeteners, and dairy, thus eliminating the bloating. Some participants in the research succeeded to lose up to 3 inches in their waist in only a week period.

2. This diet feeds the good microbes in the stomach, healing your gut. When you have balanced gut, the inflammation in your body decreases and your fat genes can turn off more easily.

3. It supplies your metabolism with enough quality fiber, healthy fats, and protein.

Last but Not Least – Exercises for Your Abs

Even though ab exercises won’t make your waist slimmer, you shouldn’t forget them. Strengthening your abs can help support and protect your back, spine, and overall body from various injuries and disorders.

In this way, you’ll achieve greater stability and balance. Strong abdominal muscles are crucial for optimal body movement, especially in older people.

Once you’ve successfully lost your excess fat, strong abs will give you that long-desired six-pack look. Here are the functional, stabilization, and traditional exercises you should do to train your core muscles effectively:

  • Functional exercises example – such as stability ball exercises
  • Traditional exercises example – regular floor crunch with rotation, or a standing one with a light hand weight.
  • Extension exercises example – Lie on your stomach and stretch your arms above your head. Lift your arms at the same time with your legs and stay here for 5 Then, bring them back to the ground.
  • Stabilizing exercises example – Lie on your back and pull your stomach back toward the spine. Remain here for a while and breathe deeply

Furthermore, Pilates and yoga are other effective exercise programs that target core muscles. Also, here are the push-ups. They will help you get strong abdominal muscles, only if you do them properly.

For that purpose, here’s a video where Darin Steen explains and demonstrates how to do the perfect push-ups.