7 Shocking Bathroom Cleaning Tips Proven By Pros

Simply the phrase ‘cleaning’ could make one lose a couple of and mixed with ‘toilet’, effectively all I can actually say is that I do see that drop of sweat rolling down your face.

Tacky jokes apart, as a lot as cleansing the lavatory is usually dreaded, the stunning factor is that it truly does not must be that means.

Wish to know why? Simply ask the professional cleaners. Due to them and their little nuggets of golden hacks, we are able to simply deal with toilet cleansing with hardly any stress in any respect!

Additionally, you might be assured that your toilet will obtain a really thorough deep cleanse with the next ideas and methods under.

Then again, I critically want I had come throughout these earlier than since it will have made my life SO a lot simpler. That is after I knew I simply needed to share them with you guys to assist make YOUR life a little bit simpler as effectively.

1. Use Grapefruit To Clean Your Faucet And Make It Shine

I’m sure most of us are aware of the awesome uses of lemon and vinegar when it comes to cleaning but I swear I never heard of using grapefruit anywhere other that shoving them in my mouth! The great thing about this hack is that it actually does work. Cheap and simple, now that’s what I’m talking about!

If you don’t have grapefruit at home, lemon will do the trick too!

Hack found from: Popcane

2. Use Vinegar To Clean A Shower-head

To be honest, I’ve never bothered about the showerhead before or even give it a second glance but I recently found out how important it is to! Now it’s super easy to clean them by using a plastic bag and vinegar.

Hack found from: Buzzfeed

3. Get Rid of Mold And Mildew

This used to be our biggest problem and it made the bathroom very unsightly. Just looking at those dark spots makes one feel really dirty. This natural cleaner consisting of baking soda and vinegar will easily solve your problem.

Hack found from: My Cleaning Solutions

4. Remove Mold From Bath Tub

A common problem if you have a bath tub is the mold that forms around the sides of it. Quite annoying, right? Simply remove it with some cotton wool and bleach.

Hack found from: This Blessed Life

5. Remove Calcium Buildup

Two Twenty One shows us an awesome and clever hack for removing calcium buildup from faucets.

Hack found from: twotwentyone

6. How To Remove Hard Water Stains

To remove hard water stains from your toilet, check out the hack that shows you how to easily remove it with a pumice stone and elbow grease.

Hack found from: Bitz n Giggles

7. DIY Toilet Fizzes

A perfect homemade cleaner to freshen up the bathroom and elimate nasty smells with this toilet bombs recipe.

Hack found from: Popsugar