4 Honey Beauty Face Mask for Soft Skin

Honey is not only the perfect option to sweeten up any hot beverage or recipe. It’s a super-food that should have a permanent spot in your kitchen pantry because it will have a use in your life.

As we’ve seen before, honey can be used a key ingredient to treat coughs, fight infections from cuts, it can help you improve your scalp’s health, boost your energy to cope with any day, and help reduce any allergic reactions significantly.

It can even help improve your sleep because it can help you stabilize your blood sugar levels, helps release serotonin (which helps your body rebuild during rest), and makes sure that you store enough glycogen to block stress hormones such as cortisol and Adrenalin.

Incorporating honey in your diet has a myriad of benefits and applications, if you combine it with turmeric you can use it to help prevent heart disease and mitigate joint inflammation.

Now, did you know it’s also a wonderful ingredient to use as a beauty product?
Yes it is! Especially for your skin and hair health.

Why? Because honey, especially raw and or unpasteurized honey, is packed with antioxidants which help reduce wrinkles and aging skin. Additionally, its antibacterial properties are efficient in reducing acne flare-ups. It’s also a wonderful moisturizer to help cope with skin irritation and blemishes.

And it’s the perfect pore cleaner because it helps open them up. Best of all, you’ll always get a nice afterglow by using honey.

So without further ado, here’s why honey deserves to be in your beauty kit.

1. Milk and Honey Bath Soak

Let’s begin with one of Cleopatra’s own beauty tips. Maintaining that historically renowned beautiful skin was a matter of keeping the habit of taking milk and honey baths.

You can revitalize your skin by mixing ¼ of a cup of honey, two cups of organic milk, and a touch of essential bath oils. Add it to a hot steamy bath and let it sit.

Then enjoy a relaxing bath fit for a queen.

2. Lemon and Honey Facial

I really enjoy this beauty tips because it can’t possibly get more natural. Simply slice one lemon in half and get rid of the seeds. Then it’s a simple matter of adding a teaspoon to it.

Gently rub the honey infused lemon over your face. Wait approximately five minutes. The combination of lemon’s vitamin C and antioxidants with honey’s antioxidant properties make it an amazing exfoliate.

3. Honey Skin Moisturizer

This is especially important for anyone bracing themselves for the next winter months. Dry skin is particularly prevalent during this season.

If you’re ever feeling dry it’s just a matter of mixing a spoon of honey, a teaspoon of olive oil, and a touch of lemon juice. Simply apply to dry patches of skin and let it rest for twenty minutes.

4. Honey Hair Shine Rinse

This is where things get interesting. Mix a spoonful of honey with a quart of warm water. Now make sure you apply it after you’re done shampooing.

Let it sit for a couple of minutes and then make sure to rinse thoroughly.Besides enjoying it in your diet, you can now use honey as part of your beauty tool kit.